Changes since Usermin version 1.400

Filter and Forward Mail
Filters that deliver to mbox-format folders now have locking enabled.
Creation of filters that match headers is now less error-prone, due to a new menu for selecting if it should match the start, end or any part of the header.

Read Mail
When replying to a message, the original character set is used. Also, a bug that prevented the character set from being displayed when viewing a message is fixed.
Messages with alternate HTML and text bodies are now send with the multipart/alternative content type, which fixes the problem of Gmail showing the body twice.
When replying to a message, if the original to address is in your list of allowed addresses or marked as a from address in your addressbook, it will be used as the default sender in the response.
The original sender's email address is now included in the 'wrote' line when replying to or forwarding a message.
Added an SMTP port option to the module configuration.