Changes since Usermin version 1.310

Usermin Core
Added a search box to the left frame of the blue theme, for finding modules, config options, help pages and text.
All images, CSS and other static content served by Usermin has an HTTP Expires for 1 week in the future, to improve cachability.

Change User Details
Updated UI to use new Webmin user interface library.

File Manager
Use of the preview button can now be controlled by the administrator.

Read Mail
User interface cleanups, such as tabs on the address book page.
The Trash folder name can now be set using a new Preferences page option.
Inline or remote images can be hidden by default by a setting on the Preferences page, then displayed with a link on the Read Mail page.
When viewing a message you can now reply from the same page using the new 'Quick reply' collapsible section.