Usermin Bug Tracking System

This is the main page of the Usermin bug database, which is hosted on the Sourceforge bug tracking system. It keeps track of bugs, feature requests, solutions and updates, and allows users who find a problem to search for it in the database or submit it if it is not already there.

The bug database options available are :

  • Submit a new bug

    If you find a problem in Usermin, you can add it to the bug database. No registration is required, although registering is useful if you want to keep track of any solutions that are posted.

    If you are reporting a bug, please include information about the operating system you are running Usermin on (like Redhat Linux 7.3, Solaris 8) and the browser that you are using to access it (such as IE 6 or Netscape 4.7).
    Unless you create a Sourceforge account before submitting your bug, you will not be notified when it is updated or solved. Please check back with it frequently, so that you can see the solution or answer any additional questions.

  • Search the bug database

    The Sourceforge bug list for Usermin can be searched by entering search terms below. You should always check to see if the bug you are about to report has been already submitted by someone else.

    Search for

  • Browse all bugs

    The complete list of reported bugs is available for browsing if you wish.