Changes since Webmin version 1.550

Webmin Core
Catalan updates, thanks to Jaume Badiella.
Italian translation updates, thanks to Andrea Oliveri.
Major German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter.

Text Login
First version of this module, which allows shell logins without the need to use a separate SSH client or even run an SSH server.

Links for editing and deleting records now using the record name instead of an index, which makes editing more reliable if records are also being updated by dynamic DNS or some other tool.
When a zone is reloaded, it is now frozed first and then thawed afterwards with the rndc command, to better support dynamic DNS.

Custom Commands
A default value for each custom command parameter can now be entered on the Edit Command form. Defaults can also be read from a file or shell command, if this behavior is enabled on the Module Config page. Thanks to Sart Cole for suggesting this feature.
A command can now be configured to not display any output at all, and instead return to the module index after being run.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
The Edit Config Files page can now be used to edit any of the Dovecot configuration files, for the case where there are many included configs.

Partitions on Local Disks
Added support for using parted to manage disks if installed, which also supports the new GPT partition table format which is needed on disks larger than 2T.

Linux Firewall
Added the command which can be run from the shell to open ports on the firewall.

Logical Volume Management
LVs being used by Cloudmin on the same system are now shown on the Logical Volumes page.
When editing an LV whose size is not a round number of GB, MB or TB and is instead shown in kB, sizing can now be done to a size in GB, MB or TB.

Network Configuration
The speed, link status and duplex of active ethernet interfaces is now shown on the active interfaces page.
On Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS and Fedora systems boot-time network interfaces with no IP address can now be created. You can also create network bridges that are connected to ethernet interfaces with no address, for use by virtual machines such as KVM.

Postfix Mail Server
Fixed a bug that prevented editing of server processes with the same name but different types, and add detection of clashes for servers with the same name and type.
Added an option to the SMTP Authentication page for setting the login and password for Postfix to use when sending email via another mail server.
Destination email addresses that are allowed for relaying can now be configured on the SMTP Server Options page. This makes use of the Postfix relay_recipient_maps directive.

Samba Windows File Sharing
Added improved Winbind support, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Users and Groups
Updated all links to users and groups to be by name instead of by index, to avoid incorrect links if the passwd or group files are changed manually or by another Webmin session.
The faster lastlog command is now used to get the most recent login time on Linux, for display in the user list.

Webmin Configuration
Added fields to the Index Page Options page to control the display of Webmin and module updates.
Moved settings related to Webmin's built-in webserver to the new Web Server Options page.
The client-side expiry time for static files served by Webmin can now be configured on the Web Server Options page, and can be customized on a per-file basis.
A chained certificate file supplied by a CA can now be easily uploaded using the Upload certificate tab on the SSL Encryption page.
Chained certificate files can now be set for per-IP address SSL keys, rather than the global chained list always being used.