Changes since Webmin version 1.530

Webmin Core
Sped up the loading of language files by pre-caching them in memory when Webmin is started, and not performing sub-string substitutions in most modules.
Added support for Pardus Linux, thanks to Kaan Ozdincer.
Major Dutch updates, thanks to Gandyman.
Majoe French translation update, thanks to ButterflyOfFire.
Allow per-language language overrides to be defined, in custom-lang.$code files.
Updated numerous modules to improve support for Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.10.
If a browser asks for gzip compression, Webmin can now return compressed content either generated dynamically or from a pre-compressed .gz file in the same directory. Dynamic compression depends on the Compress::Zlib perl module.
Added support for Amazon Linux.

Backup Configuration Files
When a scheduled backup is run manually, and pre and post commands are now also run.

The default view for new zones can now be set via an option on the Module Config page.
When adding cluster slave servers, their IPs are added to the also-notify and allow-transfer blocks of each domain added to the slave.
IPv6 addresses can now be used for remote nameservers in slave and delegation zones.

Perl Modules
When upgrading multiple Perl modules from CPAN, don't give up because just one could not be found.

Custom Commands
Added an option for custom commands to have their output displayed without any Webmin UI, in a selectable MIME type.

DHCP Server
Multiple leases can now be deleted at once, thanks to a suggestion from Berni Elbourn.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
Added support for Dovecot 2.0, which renames many configuration directives and splits up the config using include files.

Logical Volume Management
When creating a new striped logical volume, the strip size can now be selected.

Network Configuration
Static IPv6 addresses and default routes on Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu Linux systems, and Solaris can now be viewed and managed.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Added an option to the restore form to limit the restore to only certain tables.
When creating a new database, a template database to copy from can now be selected.

Disk Quotas
Added a Module Config option to hide quotas for deleted users and groups.

Software Packages
Debian packages marked as "hold" are no longer offered as possible updates. This is visible in the Software Package Updates module.

System and Server Status
Update the SSL certificate monitor to check alternate names as well when looking for hostname mismatches.

Users and Groups
Added support for SHA512 format passwords.