Changes since Webmin version 1.520

Webmin Core
Catalan translation updates by Jaume Badiella.

Webmin Users
Added the User and Group Database page, for configuring Webmin to store all new users, groups and access control lists in a MySQL, PostgreSQL or LDAP database. This allows Webmin permissions to be shared between multiple systems.

Bacula Backup System
Added an option to disable a backup job.

Added the Delete Records In Selected button to the main page, for removing the same record in multiple domains at once.

GRUB Boot Loader
Added arrows to move boot options up or down in the list of those available.
Added locking and logging, so that changes can be viewed in the Webmin Actions Log module.

LDAP Users and Groups
Added Module Config options for additional LDAP filters to find users and groups, in addition to the posixAccount / posixGroup object class filters.

Samba Windows File Sharing
Add support for the locked account flag for users, thanks to Juan Miguel Corral Cano.

SMART Drive Status
Fix support for 3ware hardware RAID arrays with non-contiguous disks.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Don't show language and character set spam classification options unless the TextCat plugin is enabled, as they won't work without it.

SSH Server
Added support for listening on IPv6 addresses.

System and Server Status
Enhanced the free memory monitor to be able to check virtual memory as well.

Usermin Configuration
IPv6 support for Usermin can now be enabled on the Ports and Addresses page.

Webmin Actions Log
Actions in Webmin which produce output (like deleting a user or creating a domain) now have that output logged, and it can be viewed on the Action Details page.
Added a link to export actions log search results as CSV.