Changes since Webmin version 1.510

Webmin Core
Dutch translation updates, thanks to Gandyman.
Polish translation updates, thanks to Dariusz Dêbowski.

Backup Configuration Files
Added fields to the scheduled backup page for pre and post backup commands.

On Linux systems, /dev/urandom is used for generating entropy for DNSSEC.

Custom Commands
Fixed a bug that broke remote command execution with parameters.

DHCP Server
Added support for multi-value options, thanks to a patch from Luke Suchocki.
Also added support for multi-value options within a bracketed expression.

File Manager
Bug fixes to allow the File Manager module to be used via Webmin Servers Index or Cloudmin.

Filesystem Backup
Fixed verification when a dump is to a date-based destination and takes more than one day.

LDAP Users and Groups
The list of groups now includes descriptions, if any are set.

Printer Administration
Changed the default PPD driver directory on Debian to include /usr/share/ppd as well.

Logical Volume Management
Mounted ext3+, reiser, xfs and jfs logical volumes can now have their filesystem size increased, without needing an un-mount. Thanks to Caspar Smit for the suggestions and patches to implement this.
When editing a logical volume that is already in /etc/fstab, don't allow the filesystem to format it as to be changed, to prevent a mismatch.

MySQL Database Server
Added greater than / less than selectors to the table data search form.

Postfix Mail Server
Added support for CIDR maps and multiple SMTP client restriction maps.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Added greater than / less than selectors to the table data search form.

Linux RAID
Conversion from RAID 5 to 6 and vice versa is now possible, thanks to Caspar Smit.
When a RAID array is being rebuilt, show the speed and time remaining, thanks to Farid Benamrouche.

Sendmail Mail Server
Added validation when manually editing the aliases and other map files.

System and Server Status
The Check File or Directory monitor can now use a pattern like /tmp/* to check sizes for all files in a directory.
Added a monitor-level option to run a command if the monitor times out.

TCP Wrappers
Added a Module Config option to control if possible services are taken from inetd/xinetd, or always manually entered.

System Time
Switched background time syncing to use the new Webmin Cron service.

Webmin Configuration
Strong PCI-compliant ciphers can now be selected on the SSL Encryption page.