Changes since Webmin version 1.500

Webmin Core
Czech translation updates, thanks to Karel Hudan.
The Webmin RPM now preserves the /etc/webmin directory when un-installed and then re-installed.
Added a robots.txt file to block indexing of Webmin by search engines.
The Webmin search box can now be disabled in the Webmin Users module, under "Permissions for all modules".
Brazillian Portuguese translation updates for several modules, thanks to Djavan Fagundes.

Scheduled Commands
Added an option to send email on command completion.

Bacula Backup System
Add support for setting the Maximum concurrent jobs on a storage daemon, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Added new NSEC3 algorithms for DNSSEC.
Changed the default DNSSEC algorithm from DSA to the stronger RSASHA1.

Custom Commands
Added a button to clone an existing command when editing.
The sort order of commands can now be set on the Module Config page, and is respected in the Webmin Users module.

Partitions on Local Disks
Added support for creating EXT4 filesystems.
SATA devices using SCSI emulution now show up with SATA as the description.

Linux Firewall
Added a button to move rules to another chain.
Added a button to rename an existing custom chain.

LDAP Client
If a TLS certificate and key are defined in the LDAP client configuration file, they will be used by Webmin when connecting to the LDAP database.

LDAP Users and Groups
Added a field for editing the description for LDAP groups.

Logical Volume Management
Added support for creating EXT4 filesystems.
When editing a logical volume, the size is shown in GB or TB where possible.

MySQL Database Server
Added a collation order field to the database creation form.
Added an option to the backup form to do backup in a single transaction, for InnoDB tables.
The default MySQL table type can now be set on the MySQL Server Configuration page.

Network Configuration
Added a field for editing the MAC address to apply at boot time on Redhat and Debian-based systems.
Include hostname configuration files in backups, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Software Package Updates
Debian backport versions are no longer falsely suggested for upgrading, if the apt-show-versions command is installed.

Postfix Mail Server
If a map is made up of files in multiple directories and a Webmin user has a directory restriction defined, he will be able to edit map entries in files under that directory.
Fixed the descriptions of logged events as shown in the Webmin Actions Log module.

Linux RAID
Added support for creating EXT4 filesystems.

Samba Windows File Sharing
Show the real Samba version number on the main page.
Fix list of users for a share to show open files correctly, and not show the same file multiple times on different shares.

Shorewall Firewall
New rules are added after the SECTION NEW line, if there is one.

SMART Drive Status
Use disk IDs for SMART monitoring instead of device names, which may change.

Software Packages
Fixed several bugs related to YUM available package updates.
Added the update_system_updates function to more efficiently find available packages for YUM and APT.

SSH Server
Added a field for editing the maximum login attempts per connection.

System and Server Status
Added an option to the Disk Space monitor to alert based on percentage free, as an alternative to a threshold in bytes.
Put back the option to use Cingular as an SMS carrier.

System Logs NG
Speed up the un-filtered display of the last N lines of a log file, by just running tail on it directly.

System Logs
Speed up the un-filtered display of the last N lines of a log file, by just running tail on it directly.

Webmin Configuration
Added an option to the User Interface page to always put the hostname before the page title.