Changes since Webmin version 1.490

Scheduled Commands
Added action logging for scheduled commands created and deleted using this module.

Backup Configuration Files
Added an option on the restore form to just show the contents of a backup.

Bacula Backup System
Fixed fileset exlude list and 'Run at times' display, thanks to a patch by Joe Zhou.
Added support for automatic volume labelling and max volume size, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Root zone records files are now included in Webmin backups.

Partitions on Local Disks
Added support for new SCSI device information files under /sys, as seen in 2.6.30+ kernels.

Linux Firewall
Removed invalid "Above" options for packet flow rate.

LDAP Users and Groups
Improve the user and group rename code to not move the DN to be under the global base if not needed.
Modifying a user now correctly changes the sn attribute too.

Read User Mail
Put text/plain alternative body part before text/html, to be compliant with RFC

MySQL Database Server
The information_schema database is no longer included when backing up all databases, as it really just contains metadata.

Software Package Updates
First version of this module.

Change Passwords
Fixed restrictions based on secondary group membership.

Postfix Mail Server
Added support for the Postfix 2.3 smtpd_tls_security_level option.
Improved Postfix file parser to skip indented blank lines.
Changed map deletion function to not remove expected line, which can otherwise cause file corruption.
Autoreply messages starting with <html> or <body> will now be sent using the text/html MIME type.

QMail Mail Server
Autoreply messages starting with <html> or <body> will now be sent using the text/html MIME type.

Linux RAID
Added a button to remove a detached partition, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Squid Report Generator
SARG reports that use daily subdirectories can now be viewed from within Webmin, even if they are missing an index.html file.

Sendmail Mail Server
If multiple alias files are defined, one can be selected when adding a new alias.
Autoreply messages starting with <html> or <body> will now be sent using the text/html MIME type.

SMART Drive Status
Fixed the collapsible section showing raw SMART status output.

System and Server Status
Added a new monitor type for detecting large directories.
Added a button to the main page for refreshing only selected monitors, thanks to Michael Mansour.

System Logs
Added support for rsyslog IncludeConfig directives, which are used to split the config into multiple files, as seen on Ubuntu 9.

System Status
First version of this module, for collecting system information using a background Cron job.

Upload and Download
Added support for extracting LHArc format files when uploading.

Webmin Configuration
Added a field to the Debugging Log File page to select modules to debug for.