Changes since Webmin version 1.480

Webmin Core
Catalan translation updates by Jaume Badiella.
Dutch translation updates, thanks to Gandyman.
Beginnings of a Basque translation, thanks to Mireia Lezea.

When all DNS records in a zone are shown, the Type column can be clicked on to sort them.

Logical Volume Management
Added an option to force addition of a physical volume to a group.
Cleaned up code to use quotemeta instead of manual quoting.

Read User Mail
Mail with HTML and text bodies now uses a multipart/alternative sub-attachment, so that other attachments are shown properly in mail clients like Hotmail and Yahoo.

MySQL Database Server
Restores and imports from local files are now run as the Unix user configured for backups, rather than root.

Network Configuration
Updated bonding support to use the new format in Debian 5.0, thanks to Caspar Smit.

PHP Configuration
Added an access control option to limit file IO to a particular Unix user.

Linux RAID
Raw disks with no partitions can now also be used as RAID members.
Spare groups can now be created and used when creating a RAID device.
When a RAID set is deleted, the superblocks on component devices are cleared in order to remove metadata about the old RAID set.
Added an option to skip initialization of metadata when creating a RAID device.
RAID 6 devices can now have spares, thanks to Caspar Smit.

Shorewall Firewall
Added a button to create a shorewall dump, thanks to a patch by Paul Gear.

System Logs
Rsyslog format tags in the config file are now recogized and preserved, rather than being included in the log filename.

System Time
Support for setting the hardware clock is now detected automatically on Linux.

Webmin Configuration
Removed the option to select an OSDN mirror, as Sourceforge now does sensible location-based redirects automatically.
Added an option on the Logging page to record logins and logouts from Webmin, for display in the Webmin Actions Log module.

Solaris Zones
Added support for zone brands, thanks to a patch from Todd Kennedy.