Changes since Webmin version 1.470

Webmin Core
Catalan translation updates by Jaume Badiella.
Added an UTF-8 encoding of the Russian translation, thanks to
French translation updates by ButterflyOfFire.
Dutch translation updates by Gandyman.
Dramatically improved Webmin's search function, to include links to pages that help or UI text comes from. Also changed the layout of results to a more Webmin-ish style.

Apache Webserver
Fixed bug that preventing saving of virtual hosts with multiple addresses, one of which is IPv6.
Full Bulgarian translation, thanks to King.

Added mass record change and creation buttons to the zone search results page.
Made the manual config file editor textboxes full-width.
Fixed a bug that cause blocks like sortlist not be parsed properly, and possible cause Webmin to corrupt other parts of the named.conf file.
Redirect and explanation modifiers can be viewed and edited in SPF records.
Added a Module Config option for additional master IP addresses for remote slave zones.
If nscd is running when BIND is restarted or a zone is applied, it will be signalled to re-read DNS caches too.

Cluster Copy Files
Fixed check to prevent over-writing a file when copying to this host.

Scheduled Cron Jobs
Added a Module Config option to add new cron jobs to a specific file, like /etc/cron.d/webmin, instead of users' personal crontab files.

DHCP Server
Added a Module Config option to specify an alternate file to add new top-level objects (like subnets) to. This must be referenced by an include directive in the main dhcpd.conf though.
String custom options are now always quoted.
Converted buttons on the module's main page to use the Webmin UI library.
Expired leases are no longer counted towards usage on the DHCP Leases page.
Added a mode to the DHCP Leases page to show usage by subnet, thanks to a suggestion by Coles.
When applying the configuration fails with an error mentioning a line in the config file, 10 lines around that will also be displayed by Webmin in the error.

File Manager
Fixed a bug that prevented setuid and setgid permissions from being changed.

Linux Firewall
Disallow rules on virtual interfaces, as they don't work.

Filesystem Backup
When terminating a running backup, all sub-processes such as tar and dump commands are killed too.
Converted the UI on Solaris, OSX and FreeBSD to use the new Webmin UI library.

Protected Web Directories
Added a button to remove protection from multiple directories, without removing the .htaccess file.

LDAP Server
Updated the module to support the new OpenLDAP LDIF-format configuration files, as seen on Ubuntu 8.10.

Logical Volume Management
When creating a logical volume, size can now be specified as a fraction of the volume group size, free space, or free space on some physical volume.

Read User Mail
When replying to a message, the original character set is used. Also, a bug that prevented the character set from being displayed when viewing a message is fixed.
Messages with alternate HTML and text bodies are now send with the multipart/alternative content type, which fixes the problem of Gmail showing the body twice.
The original sender's email address is now included in the 'wrote' line when replying to or forwarding a message.

MySQL Database Server
Added code to detect a password in /root/.my.cnf which overrides the MYSQL_PWD variable, and thus causes login failures.
MySQL stored procedures are now included in backups, where supported.

Network Configuration
Fixed network interface management on SuSE 10.2.
Updated the Hostname and DNS Client page to always show the hostname from config files, rather than the system's short hostname.
On Debian systems, if the dns-nameservers option is defined in /etc/network/interfaces, it will be updated when changing nameservers.

Disk Quotas
Added a module access control option to restrict allowed groups by GID range.

Linux RAID
Added an option to the RAID 1 creation form to mark one of the disks as missing initially.
Run the update-initramfs -u command after changing mdadm.conf, to sync it into any ramdisk for use at boot time.

Sendmail Mail Server
When flushing selected queued quarantined messages, the -qQ flag is added so that it actually works.

SMART Drive Status
Added support for systems with both old and new 3ware cards.
Added support for FreeBSD and OSX systems, if they have the smartctl package installed.

Software Packages
On Solaris, added support for the pkgutil command from Blastwave for installing packages, which replaces the old pkg-get.
On Solaris, package versions are now shown in the package list and tree.

System and Server Status
Corrected the domain for AT&T SMS emails.
Added a new monitor type for Dovecot.
Added an option to the SSH monitor type for a port number.

Users and Groups
Fixed a bug that caused an empty shell to appear in the shells list for new users.
Fixed the hashing format for Blowfish passwords, to put $2a$ at the start instead of $2$.
On Linux systems with SElinux enabled, the context user_u:object_r:user_home_dir_t is set on new home directories by default.

Usermin Configuration
Added a field to the Operating System and Environment page for additional Perl module directories.

Webmin Configuration
Added a field to the Operating System and Environment page for additional Perl module directories.