Changes since Webmin version 1.430

Apache Webserver
When a virtual host's base directory is changed, all <directory> blocks under it are updated too.

Don't pass the -g flag to BIND version 9 when starting without an init script.
Converted all forms to use the Webmin UI library, for a more consistent look and easier theming.
Moved buttons for deleting, moving and converting zones up to the page shown when you click on a zone name.
Switched to the new root zone file available from Internic.
Restrictions that apply to all zones in a view (such as allowed IPs for transfers and queries) can now be set on the Edit Client View page.
Made the Find Free IPs page visible, for finding addresses in a master zone that are not currently used.
Added a field to limit concurrent outgoing zone transfers and incoming transfers per nameserver to the Forwarding and Transfers page.
Ignore tailing dots in zone names in named.conf.

Change Language and Theme
Converted the UI to use the new Webmin user interface functions, for a more consistent look.

Cluster Copy Files
Added a Module Config setting to control the default sort order.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
Added fields to the SSL page for an optional CA certificate file and private key password.

File Manager
POSIX ACLs can now be edited on FreeBSD, if the setfacl and getfacl commands are installed.

LDAP Users and Groups
The order of the first name and surname in the real name can be changed by a new Module Config setting.

Read User Mail
Added support for Exim, thanks to Emmanuel Florac.
Re-wrote the entire user interface to use the new Webmin UI library, and to bring it into sync with the Usermin module for reading mail.

MySQL Database Server
Improved the input for setting the default value for new fields, and added support for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

Network Configuration
Converted all pages to use the Webmin user interface library, for a more consistent look and better theming.

Postfix Mail Server
Converted all pages to use the new Webmin UI library, for a more consistent and themable look.
Autoreply messages containing non-ASCII characters are now properly quoted-printable encoded.

Disk Quotas
Email to users who are over quota on some filesystem can also be Cc'd to another address, such as the system administrator.

Samba Windows File Sharing
The 'Password never expires' flag can be set for user accounts, thanks to a patch from Juan Miguel Corral.
Allow the server description to be set to explicitly nothing.

Sendmail Mail Server
Autoreply messages containing non-ASCII characters are now properly quoted-printable encoded.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Added buttons to the auto-whitelist page for permanently allowing or denying selected addresses.

SSH Server
Added a button on the module's main page for viewing the public side of the host keys, thanks to Sean Cox.

System Logs
Added support for rsyslogd, as seen by default on Debian 5.0.

Users and Groups
Added tabs to the module's page page, to switching between user and group lists easier.
Cleaned up the user interface to be more consistent with the rest of Webmin.