Changes since Webmin version 1.420

Webmin Core
Many Greek translation updates, thanks to Vagelis Koutsomitros.
Catalan translation updates by Jaume Badiella.

The default TTL for multiple zones can now be changed on the Update Records in Zones page.
When adding a cluster slave server, multiple views can be entered to have slave zones created in all of them.
Record names or values entered like in the domain automatically have a . added to make them absolute as the user presumably expected, rather than being coverted to
Update serial number (by default) when editing records manually.
Try downloading root zone files from the IP for if the hostname cannot be resolved, to avoid catch-22 problem.
Access control lists are now automatically re-ordered to handle dependencies.

Scheduled Cron Jobs
Disable time and day lists when 'All' is selected, to indicate that they are un-usable.

DHCP Server
Support the new configuration file format for custom options, as used in DHCPd version 3.

Disk and Network Filesystems
SMBFS authentication credentials can be stored in a separate file, thanks to a patch by Rob Shinn.

MySQL Database Server
Display the number of tables and records created when executing SQL for a restore.

Postfix Mail Server
Properly handle multiple reject_rbl_client DNS domains on the SMTP Client Restrictions page.

Running Processes
Corrected physical memory display on FreeBSD.
On Linux systems with the ionice command, the IO scheduling class and priority of running processes can be edited.

Webmin Servers Index
Allow the Backup Configuration Files module to save and restore Webmin server details.

Squid Proxy Server
Fixed the Calamaris page for newer versions.

System and Server Status
Allow saving of remote Webmin monitors when the remote host is down.
Added a new monitor type for checking the expiry and validity of SSL certificates in a local file or on any SSL website.

TCP Wrappers
First version of this module, for configuring IP access control for a range of servers.

System Time
The default NTP sync time is now set randomly instead of at midnight, and any existing automatic sync done at midnight is changed to a random time. This reduces load on public NTP servers.

Users and Groups
The option to force a password change at the next login is available for new users, if a default 'Maximum days' is set on the Module Config page or if running Linux.

Webmin Configuration
On Linux systems, the IO scheduling class and priority for Webmin Cron jobs can be set on the Advanced Options page.