Changes since Webmin version 1.410

Webmin Core
Many Korean updates, thanks to JoungKyun Kim.
More Dutch updates, thanks to Gandyman.
Added a debugging log file, which records all files read and written, commands run and more. This can be enabled in the Webmin Configuration module.

Webmin Users
Added an API function to allow easier anonymous module access setup.

Apache Webserver
Added support for the funny ${APACHE_RUN_USER} and ${APACHE_PID_FILE} variables seen in apache2.conf on Ubuntu 8.04.

Corrected parsing of records in zone files with no names, which inherit from the previous record.
Spaces are now allowed in Host Information records.

Scheduled Cron Jobs
Added an access control option to prevent individual Webmin users from creating cron jobs that run more often than hourly.

Custom Commands
All links to commands are via an ID number rather than an index, which makes them easier to link to from other web pages.

DHCP Server
Clashes between hosts with the same IP address, MAC address or hostname are no longer allowed by default - but this can be changed on the DHCP Server access control page in the Webmin User's module.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
The locking methods for mailboxes and index files can be configured on the Mail Files page.
Added fields for setting the index and control files locations.

Filesystem Backup
Added checkboxes to control if failure of the pre and post-backup commands cause the whole job to be regarded as a failure.
Prevent non-level-0 backups and updating of the /etc/dumpdates file for backups of directories that are not filesystem mount points, as this isn't supported by the <tt>dump</tt> command.

LDAP Client
Handle new LDAP config config file path seen on Ubuntu 8.04.

Linux Bootup Configuration
Added support for non-x86 systems.

Logical Volume Management
The percentage of a snapshot's blocks used is now shown on the Edit Snapshot page.

Read User Mail
Re-organized the Module Config page to make the first section less crowded.
Added an option to skip messages flagged as deleted in a Maildir.
Detection of messages with attachments is now 100% accurate, rather than taking a guess based on the MIME type.

MySQL Database Server
Display a more friendly error if a scheduled backup cannot be performed because MySQL is down.
The root password can be more easily change by the new 'Change Administration Password' page.

Postfix Mail Server
Added the SMTP Client Restrictions page, and replaced some oddly-designed UI fields on the SMTP Server Options page to it with more Webmin-standard inputs for configuring RBLs and client access.
Updated the BCC Mappings page to allow both sender and recipient maps to be defined and edited.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Improve support for PostgreSQL 8.3 on Ubuntu 8.04.

Running Processes
Added physical memory display on FreeBSD.

Samba Windows File Sharing
Added fields to set the permissions and group ownership of new shared directories.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Auto-whitelists can now be viewed, deleted from and cleared for all users on the system. An access control option allows this to be limited to just certain users or group members.

System and Server Status
The process check monitor can now be limited to a particular user.

Upload and Download
Added fields for sending an email notification when a background download or file upload completes.

Webmin Configuration
Refresh the left-side frame when installing, removing or re-categorizing modules.

Webmin Actions Log
Added an option to search for actions by non-Webmin users (such as those authenticating via sudo).