Changes since Webmin version 1.380

Webmin Core
Added a search box to the left frame of the blue theme, for finding modules, config options, help pages and text.
All images, CSS and other static content served by Webmin has an HTTP Expires for 1 week in the future, to improve cachability.
Lock files are automatically removed when the process creating them exits.

Webmin Users
Fixed a bug that prevented cloning from copying detailed access control settings, and ensured that other user attributes like the group, theme, language and access times are cloned too.
Added back the ability to edit the global ACL for groups.

Added buttons for freezing and un-freezing a master zone, for use on systems that also use dynamic DNS. Thanks to Clément Véret for submitting this patch.
When adding a remote slave zone, the IPs of all other slaves and the master are included in the master IPs list.

Partitions on Local Disks
Changed the IDE standby timeout to use a slider, thanks to Jean-Christophe Dubois.

File Manager
Use of the Preview button can now be controlled on the access control page.

Protected Web Directories
Users can be limited to only editing users and groups (and not adding or changing protected directories) via a new Webmin access control option.

BSD Firewall
On FreeBSD systems, the firewall is now enabled at boot using /etc/rc.conf, and the IPFW config file specified in rc.conf is now used automatically.

LDAP Server
First version of this module, for configuring the OpenLDAP server and managing its database.

LDAP Users and Groups
Added access control options to prevent use of the same UID or GID.

Printer Administration
Re-designed the print jobs page to allow several to be cancelled at once, using the standard Webmin table with checkboxes.

Read User Mail
Spam folders are detected from the Virtualmin configuration, if installed.
Email cache and index files are now deleted when a user is removed using Webmin.

MySQL Database Server
Fixed a bug that prevented 'Jump to row' from working properly.

Network Configuration
Added support for VLANs and channel bonding on Debian, thanks to Tim Oberfoell.
Boot-time network interfaces can have comments on Redhat-based systems.
The list of interfaces is now separated into active and boot time using tabs.
The Apply Configuration button on FreeBSD now properly deletes virtual interfaces that should no longer exist.

PAM Authentication
Re-wrote the user interface to use the new UI library functions, for a more consistent look.
Added support for two types of PAM includes, as used in modern Linux distributions.

Postfix Mail Server
Fixed a bug that prevented comments and manual map editing, and added back support for PCRE and BTREE maps.
Added a button for manually editing the aliases file.
Added more SMTP relaying restrictions.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Fixed a bug that prevented 'Jump to row' from working properly.

Disk Quotas
Quotas are considered active for a filesystem if the usrquota or grpquota options are on in /etc/mtab, even if missing from /etc/fstab.

Squid Proxy Server
Added support for editing proxy reply restrictions, thanks to Steve Williams.
Re-design the Access Control page to use tabs, to better split up the lists of ACLs, HTTP and ICP restrictions.
Ensure that HTTP and ICP restrictions are created after ACLs in the config file.

System Logs
On Debian systems, use a syslog restart to tell it to re-open log files, as a HUP signal is not reliable.
On Fedora 8, use rsyslog by default instead of syslog.

System Time
Display a more complete message if unable to get the hardware time from hwclock.

Users and Groups
The real base directory for homes is now respected when batch creating users.
Improved MD5 encryption auto-detection with newer PAM config files.
Batch user creation data is now better validated, and the batch form has been re-written to use the new Webmin UI library.
When renaming a user whose group is the same as his username, the group will be renamed too by default.

Usermin Configuration
Added the Mobule Device Options page, for setting a theme specifically for small-screen browsers.

Webalizer Logfile Analysis
Added support for AWFFull, a drop in Webalizer replacement. It is used by default on Mandriva 2007.1 and later.

Webmin Configuration
Inheritance of the system path into Webmin's search path can be set on the Operating System and Environment page.
The nice level (CPU priority) of all cron and other background jobs run by Webmin can now be set on the Advanced Options page.

Webmin Actions Log
Re-designed the UI to use Webmin standard layout and functions.
Added a field for searching based on the contents of commands run or file changes made.
When viewing the details of a logged action, an annotation can be entered to explain why it was done.