Changes since Webmin version 1.360

Webmin Users
Added the Password Restrictions page, for configuring password quality and change time settings.
Re-designed the Edit User page to use the new Webmin UI library, and move lesser-used fields into collapsible sections.
Webmin users can have a real name, which can be any text you like.

Apache Webserver
Available Apache modules are now fully automatically detected on all operating systems, which does away with the Re-Configure Known Modules page.

Bacula Backup System
Removed the requirement for the /etc/bacula/bacula command to be installed, if /etc/init.d/bacula-* scripts exist.
Added a field to the mount/un-mount page for entering an auto-loader slot number.

Added a button to the main page for adding a record with the same name and value to multiple domains at once.

Perl Modules
The module is now available when running Webmin inside a Solaris zone, but only if Perl is not shared with the global zone.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
Supported newer versions of Dovecot which use mail_location instead of default_mail_env.

File Manager
Added a Module Config option to specify file extensions to treat as HTML, rather than always using only .html and .htm.

Postfix Configuration
Added the new SMTP Authentication And Encryption page for setting SASL and TLS related options.

Linux RAID
Added support for RAID 10 arrays when using MDADM.
Changed the main page to use a table for existing RAID arrays, rather than icons.
Added a section for configuring RAID problem notification when using MDADM.

Shoreline Firewall
(Updates by Paul Gear <>.)
BUG: Corrected mis-handling of nested zones introduced in 1.350.
Removed debugging cruft added in 1.350.
Added support for end-of-line comments in zones, params, and shorewall.conf.
Added support for display of long zone names under the new zones format.
Added module option to disable display of long zone names in the rules file.

Usermin Configuration
Separated the Configure Module page into tabs, to make it clearer which options are global and which are default user preferences.

Webmin Configuration
Added a field to the Advanced Options page to control the number of days that files in /tmp/.webmin are kept before automatic deletion.