Changes since Webmin version 1.340

Webmin Core
Added Redhat Enterprise release 5 support.
Requests to the /unauthenticated URL can never execute CGI programs, to provide an extra layer of security against URL escaping attacks.
Fixed XSS bugs in pam_login.cgi.

Updated the Edit Record form to use, for easier theming.
Fixed a bug that can occur when deleting multiple DNS records at once, causing the wrong ones to be removed.

Perl Modules
Added Module Config option to not install modules from APT or YUM.

Custom Commands
Removed the Module Config option to control if a shell is used when executing a command as a user, since we can now work this out automatically.

File Manager
When editing an HTML file, the <head> section is preserved.
Added a link in the HTML editor window to swich to plain text mode.
Files in the right-hand list are now sorted case-insensitively.
When uploading a file, you can now select which Unix user it gets uploaded as.
Added Module Config options for the default unzip mode and default user to upload as.

Protected Web Directories
Removes the need for the htdigest command to be installed if the Digest::MD5 perl module is available.

IPFilter Firewall
Added an option to match ports NOT within some range (and fixed the old option to match ports within a range).

Read User Mail
Removed huge un-necessary plugins and styles for Xinha.
The list of users to ignore is no longer checked with an un-necessary regular expression.

MySQL Database Server
Improved detection of support for views, which avoids errors with information_schema.views.

Network Configuration
Fixed broken SuSE 10.2+ support.

Postfix Configuration
Added Module Config options for stop, start and reload commands.
Allow map files are now checked when listing and editing virtusers and other map types.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Use HTML format output from the pgsql command, to handle queries for rows containing newlines and special characters.

Running Processes
Free and used real and virtual memory is now displayed on Solaris.

ProFTPD Server
Added a Module Config option to specify the file for new virtual hosts.

Disk Quotas
Added a Module Config option to sort user lists by the percentage of soft quota used.

Linux RAID
Removed need to explicitly select a parity disk for RAID 4 when using MDADM.

Software Packages
Added an Upgrade All button for CSW packages.

Squid Proxy Server
Fixed transparent proxy setup in Squid 2.6.

System Time
Added check for empty timeservers field.

Webmin Configuration
Added an option to the Proxy Servers form to fallback to a direct connection if the proxy is down.
Added a tab showing details of the current cert, with a link to download in PEM or PKCS12 format.