Changes since Webmin version 1.330

Webmin Core
Added more functions for hidden page sections.
Fixed another XSS bug in chooser.cgi.
The Webmin function to get the system's hostname now reads a file instead of calling the hostname comment, which is faster.
Added an ACL option to the file chooser for additional directories to allow access to.
Changed the way sizes are displayed, to use a format like 1.32 GB or 8 kB.
Removed letter images (used by the old theme), and forced the standard header function to always use text titles.
Added support for Slam64 Linux.

Webmin Users
When a group is deleted, sub-groups are also removed, and the group is removed from any parents.

Apache Webserver
Added tabs to break the module's main page down into more readable sections.
Changed all code to use functions, for better themeing.

Backup Configuration Files
Added tabs to reduce the size of the main page.

Allowed views are now enforced when adding multiple zones from a batch file.

Perl Modules
When installing a Perl module from CPAN and it already exists in an operating system package (such as from APT or YUM), use that instead.

Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
Added fields for editing the UIDL format and number of login processes.

File Manager
Replaced the HTMLarea widget for editing .html files with Xinha.

Read User Mail
Replaced the HTMLarea widget for composing email with Xinha.

Disk and Network Filesystems
Mounted filesystems can now be displayed on Intel macs, without needing the gcc program.

MySQL Database Server
Fixed a bug that prevents compression from being done when backing up all databases.

Postfix Configuration
Postfix configuration parameters are read from directly, instead of calling the postconf command (which is slow).

Running Processes
On Virtuozzo systems, the free and used memory shown is determined by the VMs limits.

Disk Quotas
On Linux systems with the setquota command, it is called instead of edquota to change user and group quotas.

Software Packages
Fixed several bugs related to finding available updates on Debian and Redhat.
Added detection of epochs for RPMs and packages from YUM.

SSH Server
Added a Module Config option to set the SSH server version, rather than having Webmin auto-detect it.

System and Server Status
Added an option to the Remote SSH monitor type to not actually login, just check if we can get to the login prompt.
Converted the UI for all monitors to use, for easier theming.
Added support for sending status messages via SMS, for common US mobile carriers.

Webmin Configuration
Added an option to the Logging page to write Webmin actions to syslog.
Converted many pages to use new functions, and broke down long forms using tabs.
When Webmin's detected OS is automatically updated, Usermin's will be too (if it is an equivalent version).

Webmin Actions Log
A description of the search is now shown for searches that didn't match anything.