Changes since Webmin version 1.300

Webmin Core
Fixed the rare bug about renaming the .webmintmp file.

Apache Webserver
Added support for IPv6 addresses.

Scheduled Commands
Added checkboxes and a button for deleting multiple scheduled commands at once.

In the template records file, $IP and $DOM will be substituted with the IP address and domain name when creating a new master zone.

Cluster Webmin Servers
Added an option to not re-install deleted or new modules when upgrading.

Perl Modules
Perl modules that try to auto-install depencies from CPAN no longer hang during the install process.

Scheduled Cron Jobs
When a user's home directory is changed in the Users and Groups module, any Cron jobs that use the old path are updated to the new.

DHCP Server
Added checboxes and buttons for deleting multiple subnets, shared networks, hosts and groups at once.
Fixed a bug that caused the display of large numbers of hosts and subnets to be slow.
Changed the Module Config PID file setting to allow None to be selected, which tells the module to look at the dhcpd process instead (as on OpenBSD).

Partitions on Local Disks
Added support for formatting FATX filesystems.
Added a display of each partitions UUID, and added code to support their detection.

File Manager
Added ACL options to prevent users from editing file permissions or ownership in the Info window, to stop filesystem mount points from being shown, and to restrict file contents searches.
Added Extract button for un-compressing tar, tgz, zip and gz archives on the server.
Added a Download button to the search results window, for downloading a selected matching file.

Bootup and Shutdown
Added support for Unbuntu, which has not /etc/inittab file.

Printer Administration
Fixed a bug that stopped SMB printer usernames and passwords from being displayed when editing a printer under CUPS.

Read User Mail
The number of folders each user has is displayed in the user list.

Disk and Network Filesystems
Added support for HFS and FATX filesystems under Linux.
Partitions specified using the UUID notation in /etc/fstab are now supported, as seen on Ubuntu Linux.

MySQL Database Server
Added options on the backup form for selecting a compatability format for exporting to other database types.
Added an option to compress backups with gzip or bzip2.
When executing an SQL file (such as a backup), it will be automatically un-compressed if needed.
Re-factored backup code into a separate function, which can be called from other modules.
Added an option to the database creation form for selecting the character set, when using MySQL 4.1 or newer.
Added access control options to prevent the viewing and management of views and indexes.

Postfix Configuration
Added locking and logging for all actions, so that changes can be viewed in the Webmin Actions Log module.
Users who are not allowed to manually edit the Postfix are also prevented from manually editing map files.
Added an access control option to limit the directory for maps files.

PostgreSQL Database Server
The database login now uses a .pgpass file, rather than a temporary file and the -u option.
Database restores can now be done from an uploaded file.
Re-factored backup and restore code into new functions, which can be called from other modules.
Added access control options to prevent the viewing and management of views, sequences and indexes.

RBAC and Projects
Added support for editing a project's pool and maximum memory.

Sendmail Configuration
The count of messages in the mail queue on the module's main page no longer includes those that the current user does not have access to.
Added access control for the Spam Control page.

Software Packages
Added a Module Config option to use aptitude instead of apt-get on Debian-based systems.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Added Module Config options for commands to run before and after saving SpamAssassin config changes.

System and Server Status
Added a monitor type for the rate of disk space consumption.

System Logs
Added a Module Config option to specifying other log files that should be searchable, and a similar ACL option to add logs on a per-user basis.

Users and Groups
Cleaned up user and group creation links on main page, add links to jump to user and group lists, and duplicated buttons for operating on many users and groups at once.
Use the nscd -i command to refresh its cache after adding a user or group.

Webmin Configuration
Added a section to the SSL Encryption page for uploading an existing PEM format SSL key and certificate.
Added buttons on the Proxy Servers and Downloads page for viewing and deleting cached files, and clearing the entire cache.
Fixed a bug that prevents module installs from RPMs from working.

Extended Internet Services
Added support for IPv6 addresses.