Changes since version 1.130

Webmin Users
Improved the code for finding the openssl program for generating certificates.
Added the ability to restrict allowed Unix users who can login as Webmin users.

Scheduled Commands
Added the ability to run a scheduled command.

A new Module Config option is available to define extra DNS record types for the module to support in a generic way. This allows user who want to create obscure types like NAPTR, KEY and so on to do so.

Cluster Change Passwords
First version of this module released, with functionality similar to the Change Passwords module.

Perl Modules
When installing Perl modules from CPAN, an option is available to have any dependencies automatically downloaded and installed as well.

Scheduled Cron Jobs
Environment variables can be edited in user Cron files, and jobs and variable settings moved around.

DHCP Server
Group and subnet descriptions are now shown in the list of groups and networks that a host or other element can be assigned to.

Fetchmail Mail Retrieval
A new form has been added for creating and scheduling a Cron job to run Fetchmail, as an alternative to running the daemon

File Manager
An uploaded zip, tar or tar.gz file can be extracted in the directory it was uploaded to.
Directories can now be downloaded as zip, tar or tar.gz files
Added improved access control options to hide buttons.
Added a chroot access control option to hide all directories above it.

Filesystem Backup
Backup emails are now send using the Read User Mail module, removing any dependency on the Sendmail module.

Read User Mail
The first version of this module, which extracts the mail reading functionality from the Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail modules and puts it into a more powerful server-independent user email module instead.

Disk and Network Filesystems
Mounting of SMB filesystems is now supported on FreeBSD, using the mount_smbfs command and /etc/nsmbrc file.
Filesystems can now be sorted by directory, type or order in fstab and mtab files.
CIFS filesystems can now be mounted on Linux.

Network Configuration
Added support for Slackware Linux.

Postfix Configuration
Added a button to the mail queue page for flushing the queue.

PPP Dialup Client
Added a button for having a PPP connection started at boot time, by automatically creating an init script.

CVS Server
If no CVS repository is found in the configured directory, the module can now set one up for you.

Software Packages
Packages can now be installed directly from yum, if installed.
The entire system can also be upgraded from yum.

System and Server Status
Status emails are now send using the Read User Mail module, removing any dependency on the Sendmail module.

Usermin Configuration
The default background, text and link colours of pages can be edited for Usermin, just like in Webmin.
Unavailable modules are shown in red on the module restriction page.